Exterior graphics

Exterior graphics for walls, buildings or hoardings, branded floors & more.
large format exterior graphics for walthamstow mall in london
large format printed and installed exterior graphics for Brixton House in London

Exterior print materials & substrates

Is your business looking to stand out? The print materials used are designed to withstand the outdoor elements. Using substrates manufactured for the best durability. Our team can deliver building wraps, hoardings, façade exterior graphics, outdoor floor graphics, banners, and signage. Graphics to cover everything from seating to shop fronts.

Property graphic ideas

More and more properties are covering their frontage as forms of advertising in between tenancies. Managing agents showcase shopping areas with branded graphics spotlighting the spaces on offer and information on how to let the sites. Then there are hoardings erected while construction or maintenance is ongoing. And of course, retail brands, who cover the facades of their upcoming stores advertise the fact that they're opening soon.

The production process

Your exterior graphic display doesn't need to be two-dimensional either. Our in-house team can design and build a structure from scratch to fit any space or vision. Just speak to our print consultants who can advise on the best creative and production for exterior graphics solutions available.

We can produce all of these at The Graphical Tree. Whether you are covering windows with self-adhesive vinyl or applying di-bond panels for hoardings, talk to us about the project. We can manage the process from initial briefing and site survey, design and artwork, production, through to the actual installation of graphics. We can even organize the de-rig of graphics for you if required.

Give us a call, we can help you discover how we work.

Uniqlo retail brand hoarding graphics printed and installed in Manchester
Outdoor printed seating graphics for London event
Harvey Nichols retail hoarding graphics printed and installed in London
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