Direct to media

Get your design printed onto almost any material.

What is direct-to-media printing?

Direct-to-media printing, or DTM, is when we print directly to the surface of a substrate. Apart from the usual suspects of Foamex (PVC board), PETG, and cardboard. We can print on a variety of materials: wood including MDF, metal including aluminum, plastic, and more. If it fits under the 50mm print heads, in theory, we can print onto it. We welcome all ideas, no matter how unusual sounding.

Also, using white ink allows us to print solid colours onto non-white substrates and clear films and boards. First, we print a layer of white ink before overlaying with colour. Depending on the material texture, you should be able to see the depth and personality of the substrate with your design printed on its surface.

Eco printing

The Graphical Tree offers a comprehensive eco range of substrates to consider too. You can read more about our environmentally friendly eco printing material options.

If you'd like to know more get in touch so we can answer your questions or provide you with an estimate.

Remember, as long as the material fits under the 50mm ink heads, let your imagination go wild.

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