Tate Modern shop windows

Back of the Tate Modern building on the South Bank street view

The Tate Modern’s festive shop windows

The Graphical Tree was commissioned by Tate Modern’s retail team to create a set of eye-catching festive window decals. The glass manifestation display was to be shown in parallel to, and in support of their seasonal in-store Christmas props. In this case, oversized geometric origami ornaments. The ornaments themselves were inspired by the recent addition to the world-famous contemporary art gallery, the somewhat exaggerated, and interesting angles of the Blavatnik Building.

Cut vinyl decals

After undertaking a site visit with the client, and taking measurements of the areas to be covered, we recommended that a series of flat colour, large-scale overlayed cut vinyl decals would be perfect. These would be produced using a mix of solid, translucent, and frosted materials and cut to the shapes of the props. The shapes would create depth through the layers of vinyl, as well as an interesting dynamic display visible from the concourse, and from within the shop itself.

Side view of the large glass window retail vinyl decals for Tate gallery shop by the graphical tree
Large gold, silver & white geometric vinyl decals placed on the Tate Modern Shop windows

Creating a Christmas window display

By creating our geometric origami’s as either solid shapes or as outlines, it allowed the graphics to be positioned in a way so as not to inhibit the view of items on display within the windows and therefore blocking something catching the eye of a potential window shopper. This was a Christmas window display, after all, and the chances of visitors being on the lookout for gift ideas was high.

Producing retail displays

There are many things to take into consideration when preparing and producing retail displays. Firstly, brand, product, environment, and customer. All have to be considered to achieve the best possible result for the brief. Ask yourself who is the display aimed at? Where is it going? What products are on show? And how should it look in relation to the brand aesthetic and style? You can read more about how graphics can convey brand personality here.

Solid geometric vinyl decal shapes placed on glass windows at the Tate Modern shop
Red and white geometric festive stars placed onto the glass windows of the Tate Modern shop
Large printed and adhesive vinyl decals for retail shop at Tate Modern for festive display
Metalic cut vinyl decals for the festive windows at the Tate Modern shop
Front of the Tate Modern shop window display, with vinyl decals
External view of the Tate Modern front of store window

The affect of the final installation

One of the really nice things about the final installation was making use of the lighting from within the Tate Modern shop. The store’s spotlights were positioned to shine onto the cut vinyl decals, both illuminating the different grades of colour, and creating a shadow pattern on the concrete flooring of the outside walkway. Effectively expanding the scope of the graphics beyond the glass, and into the iconic building itself.

Working with National Galleries in London

As with all well known and iconic buildings, it’s an honour, a pleasure and a huge responsibility to undertake and complete a graphic display project well. This was also the case with our work for the Royal Academy of Arts and the Liberty department store in London too. As a result, we’re no strangers to enhancing the beauty and appeal of an already well known and much loved architectural environment using well thought out, expertly produced and lovingly installed graphic solutions.

Large gold cut vinyl decal shapes displayed on window glass at the Tate Modern shop
External view of the large vinyl decals placed onto glass windows at the Tate Modern shop