Liberty window graphics

It’s always a great pleasure to be asked to produce and install graphics for high-end and well-known brands. And the London department store Liberty is obviously right up there with the best.

One of the reasons is that you know you have reached, and maintain, a certain level of quality and service. To know that Liberty trusts you to execute their projects is a real pat on the back.

Sometimes the brief and design come directly from the marketing and window teams at Liberty; sometimes from our friends at Rule One, set builders extraordinaire; and at others from design agencies commissioned by Liberty to create campaigns for the store.

In the case of the 2020 Christmas windows, the brilliant designs came directly from Liberty themselves, with the set build and display installation by Studio XAG.

We cut and printed all manner materials as part the Christmas windows production brief ~ all then comped together in-situ with products added completing the displays. From standard and textured sparkled vinyl to self-adhesive to direct to media, each layer adding to the overall depth to the creative installation.

Over the course of a year, we’ll be involved in many projects. These include festive windows and various promotional campaigns such as Valentine Day, sales, and earlier this year, a campaign which sums up what we try to convey every day, The Art of Print. We have some photos from Valentine Day and The Art of Print below.

Liberty Love Birds Valentine graphics
Liberty Love Birds Valentine graphics
Liberty Love Birds Valentine graphics

For The Art of Print campaign, we used, in theory, simple materials and a simple production process. But of course, it’s deeper than that. We spend a lot of time researching the best products on the market to use. We never want a customer to feel let down or to have a substandard graphic in their procession. Graphics, especially those on windows, often create the first impression a customer will see. When covering an entire window space it has maximum impact on the public. So we, as the supplier, need to ensure the best piece of print and installation we can. So not only do we use the best self-adhesive vinyl substrate, one that gives the most vibrant and high-quality prints, we also use the best ink possible too. As we mention in our eco pages, most of our print machines use eco-friendly latex inks, a process carefully chosen by us to lessen our environmental impact on the world.

It honestly does make all the difference using a supplier who cares about the products and production methods they use. There are some many variables that can impact how a project turns out, and if we can be in control of as many of these as possible through or Research & Development work, all the better. Deadlines are often tight, and we set ourselves high standards, so minimising production and installation issues, in favour of being able to produce a fantastic looking job, all be it using ‘simple’ materials and production methods, then all the better. The visual impact is instant when you care about The Art of Print.

large window graphics liberty shop in london portrait of a lady