Vinyl Decals

Often used for text and flat colour designs on windows displays, glass and walls.

What are the vinyl decals and stickers used for?

Vinyl decals and stickers are everywhere, especially in the retail industry. It’s a quick and easy method for producing adhesive window signs or text for retail or office environments. It can be cost-effective too, as decals or stickers allow you to regularly update your window or floor display without putting too much pressure on marketing budgets. Practically every retail store in the UK uses them for window messaging and sales signs now, be it for pricing and advertising a sale or for campaign descriptors.

What is a vinyl decal sticker?

A vinyl decal is simply when letters and shapes are cut from pre-coloured adhesive vinyl. It's much like using sheets of coloured paper, except that it comes on a roll-up to 50m long and has a sticky reverse. The adhesive allows us to install the produced designs onto glass or other surfaces.

The vinyl sticker or sign is available in a wide range of colours selected beforehand from swatches, including some metallics and fluorescents. We can reproduce any shape or pattern you require in theory, matching to your brand designs. The material is cut to shape using a plotter that follows the vector path, supplied to us in .ai or .eps format. This means the finish is also clean and sharp - great for geometric designs and text.

After cutting the design we then remove the parts of the vinyl not needed, called weeding. Lastly, the decal is applicated. This is when a sheet of film is applied to the vinyl, holding it in place for installation. Once stuck to the surface, the application film is removed, and presto – you have a vinyl decal for all the world to see.

Using this method we can create custom made vinyl decals, we can produce single coloured designs or produce graphics, logos, and messaging that employ multiple colours. Each colour is produced as an individual element and pieced together on site.

This page shows some examples of the vinyl decals work we have completed. If you would like to see more designs we've crafted, there are others available throughout the website in our case studies. You may also find this article about producing window graphics interesting and helpful.

Contact us for more information on our processes, we would be happy to discuss or quote on a job for you. For our window specific offering, please see window displays.

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