Pop-up shops

Graphics and signage for pop-up shops and environments.

What are pop-up shops?

A pop-up shop is a temporary retail space that appears for a short period, offering products or services to consumers. It is a strategic approach often used by businesses to create buzz, test markets, or engage with customers in unique and limited-time settings.

Pop-up businesses are very popular on the high street. They emerged as vital resources, enabling retailers to boldly showcase and experiment with new product ranges. These stores can help to see if there’s an appetite for a brand in a particular location. For example, if customers are curious about a product or even offer something slightly left field like a pop-up cinema, yoga studio, or games room. Customers' excitement helps to create a buzz in the area and makes it a must-go-to-location.

Whatever the reason, with our extensive experience in retail environments, The Graphical Tree are well-versed in short-term graphics.

What graphics might be used for pop-up shops?

The Graphical Tree have a variety of substrates and materials to recommend and offer advice on, whatever the space.

• Removable self-adhesive vinyl.

• A variety of board materials for display or point of sale.

• Whether the space is under cover or exposed to the elements, there's a myriad of external signage options.

• Media which can be installed on windows, walls, ceilings, floors, and the space in between.

Installed graphics and signage can be fixed, made them freestanding or even hung.

All graphics will be designed and installed exactly to your specifications and size and can cover every facet of the space.

There’s no need to change your creative approach and vision just because you are going into a short-term let. Go wild and let us know your ideas for the environment. Creating a lasting impact is superior to leaving a forgettable one as soon as visitors exit the space.

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