Sharing knowledge and adding value

by Simon McClelland Morris
Large format, Inspiration, Customer service, Creativity

It’s not always about sending over a job spec and artwork and letting us do the rest. Client consultation and adding value is at the heart of what we do. As well as managing these ‘simpler’ jobs we also offer you our experience and knowledge. By this, we mean consultation and collaboration.

Client consultation process & questions

The Graphical Tree has a long history of consultation with clients, which of course leads to many forms of collaboration.

Discover our exhibition signage

Parrott & Miller’s Puma stand for the London Marathon competitor check-in event; Blonstein’s annual London Fashion Week signage; and the Discover the Real Queen Victoria exhibition at Kensington Palace for Exib and Nissen Richard Studio, all spring to mind as being good examples of how our early input can help a project realise its true potential. In fact, most of the work featured in our case studies had some degree of consultation and collaboration involved in their process.

We like to think we’re good at what we do. We’re well informed about media and production methods. We have the experience, tenacity, and a helpful attitude to our approach. And, we’ve been asked to produce some crazy things in the past. This all lends itself to an ability to work jointly on a project directly with clients, slotting us into the mix right at the start of production meetings, sometimes even at the concept stage, and often with the end customer present so we can add the expert knowledge where necessary. We’re there to get the job done as best as possible and help you look better than you undoubtedly already are. We want you to do a great job, offer your clients a great service, and you to continue to win more and more great work. So hopefully then, we’re all winners.

Questions our clients ask in consultation

All three of the above-mentioned projects contacted us at early stages to share the ideas, and ask our opinions of the creative.

  1. Would it work?
  2. How could it work?
  3. Do we think we have the production budget for what we’d like to do.
  4. Are there any obvious issues at this stage?
  5. Is there anything we need to know?

As we go through the stages from concept to design and artwork, production and fit-out, we can discuss and advise on the following, and more depending on the project's requirements:

  • Production methods
  • Substrate suggestions
  • Creative input
  • Eco-material options
  • Managing budgets
  • Timeframes
  • Site visits
  • Installations and de-rig
  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Artwork advice
  • Re-use and recycling options
  • Delivery logistics

How we convey value to our customers

One of our brand pillars is value. We value you as a customer; we offer value in our productions methods and costs; we add value to the service you provide for your customer.

The last one is certainly applicable here. We’re available to answer questions and use our experience and expertise to add customer value. We understand that you don’t know everything about large format production, so we’re happy to share our knowledge. The more we share, the greater we can help each other fulfil our potential and reach our goals - whether it’s meeting a deadline, a budget requirement, or creating the best darn events space, exhibition, wayfinding signage, advertising or retail experience possible.

And why wouldn’t we? Standing back and looking at our work, knowing the journey and collaboration involved in achieving something special is just so fulfilling.

A print consultative approach

We’ve been in the graphic and display business for quite a while, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Engage us as visual and production consultants and we can deliver technical solutions as well as contributing to the design if this is required.

We’re able to advise from the embryonic brief through to delivery and installation.

Our team have a thorough knowledge of substrates and production methods, as well as years of experience on location making sure a project runs smoothly from start to finish. Even if it's a simple piece of advice about which material to use, we're here to help.

We also love to be challenged. Come to us with just an idea and we'll help you turn it into reality. We have a great team of experienced large format print and display project managers, so we can add real value, impact, and expression to your business visually.

Graphics printing in London

Our HQ in Central London is just 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus underground station, so if you're in London, it's easy to drop in and see us. We're happy to come to you if it suits, as well as meeting on site so we can see a venue and location in person, helping us understand a brief just that little bit deeper. We're of course also happy to talk via email, video or a phone call. Just contact us to arrange a meeting and we'll see where the conversation takes us.

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