Discover the Real Queen Victoria

Recently we worked closely with event company Exib to produce the signage and supporting graphics for the Victoria: Woman and Crown exhibition at Kensington Palace. It celebrated the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth at Kensington Palace.

The production journey for an exhibition, especially one of this scale, can be a long one. But we’re happy to be on board and available from the start. This often includes attending initial site visits and meetings with design teams, in this case Nissen Richards Studio, as well as discussing production options and producing a myriad of printed samples and colour tests.


With so many partners involved in a project it’s important to know your role and when you can personally add value and experience without stepping on toes. We present ourselves as a creative large format print and display specialist, and although we don’t take the creative lead on projects, what it means is that we can, and are happy to, offer up material and production suggestions and methods to help achieve the best presentation possible.

One of our main responsibilities on exhibitions like Victoria: Woman and Crown is to act as production consultants. Our clients appreciate the knowledge we bring to a project and respect our comments and suggestions. Each partner brings their own specialist  experience to the table, and when it all works in unison a project can run smoothly, efficiently and produce great end results.

Part of the exhibition consists of layered triptych montages of images. These helped to portray scenes from the life of Queen Victoria in a three dimensional illustrational style.

The multiple layers were produced by printing directly to foamex boards. The printed boards were then cut to shape using a CNC cutter. Once cut out, the images were supported at the base to make them freestanding where necessary for their positioning within the display. You can read more about the fire-rated and recyclable foamex here, as well information about cut to shape and direct to media printing on our services page.

The backdrop to the triptychs were produced using self-adhesive which then were applied on-site directly to the purpose build display cabinets.

Other elements to the exhibition include wall wrap canvases and cut vinyl decals, as well as direct to media print with white ink to painted MDF panels.

Once the installation is underway all the myriad of ideas, creative narratives and production sampling that’s been worked on for many months by the teams involved starts to take shape.

Our four-person install team and project manager worked alongside the team at Exib to ensure the graphics and signage were applied in their correct locations and everything looked on point ready for the exhibition to open.

To read more about the Queen Victoria Exhibition in London check out the official page.

Video courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces.

Photography by The Graphical Tree and ©Historic Royal Palaces/Richard Lea Hair.