Wayfinding signage

Directional and information signage to help find your way around easily.

Wayfinding refers to information graphics and signage that help guide people through a space. It helps facilitate the customer journey and enhances their understanding and experience of the environment. Wayfinding signage is often used throughout retail stores, event spaces, office buildings, arts venues, hospitals and transport hubs, everwhere really that the public or staff would benefit from directional information how to find their way around a location.

There are many ways to produce wayfinding signage. These include simple cut vinyl decals applied to walls or glass, printed boards, hanging graphics or 3D cut to shape designs. Whatever the creative maybe we'll have a method suitable for production and installation. If you have ideas you'd like to walk to us about, or even need some help at the conception stage of your planning, just let us know and we can arrange a consultancy meeting to discuss. This can even be on-site so we get a feel for the space and what you're trying to communicate.

You can find a few samples here of event and office wayfinding. And if you do want talk to us to discuss a wayfinding project, our contact details are here for you.

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