Covid Signage

Sometimes The Graphical Tree feels like an extra emergency service, or a rescue service, at least. In the vibrant, ever-changing city of London where we work, life moves fast. We're always pulling rabbits out of hats and coming to the aid of customers with really tight deadlines and seemingly unachievable goals. Somehow we pull it off, always.

To be able to offer graphics and signage to keep people safe is an important addition to the unofficial emergency service.

As a specialist in large format print and display, we're well versed in signage, so to apply it to Covid safety and Social Distancing is an easy and logical undertaking.

In case you're not familiar with what your options might be, or what Covid Safe and Social Distancing graphics might entail, we thought we'd put together a help-guide for you.

Click the link to download the Covid Safe Signage Guide, or read more below.


Social Distancing

You're all probably very well aware by now Government advice for Social Distancing is to keep a distance of 2m from each other wherever possible. 2m is approx the width of both your arms outstretched (plus a little more)


Floor graphics

Printing or producing bespoke floor graphics is a great way to ensure shop customers, the public, or even staff, understand the safe distance to stand apart from each other. It's all too easy to overcompensate distance or to stand too close to someone, especially in a somewhat unfamiliar or more crowded environment. We know the 2m is only a guide, but it's better to be safe after all.

It's important to use the right, suitable materials when producing floor graphics for areas of public use – a good strong adhesive material with an anti-slip seal is a must. Printing floor graphics allows you to produce signage that follows your brand identity, and speak to the public visually, even when asking them to follow procedure.

If you don't want to, or don't need to, print a design, we can use off the shelf coloured vinyl and apply an anti-slip seal to its surface.


Free-standing signage

If you're looking to remind the public to follow Social Distancing directives, free-standing signs in important positions around your store, gallery, event, office, etc. are a great idea. They can be moved around without difficulty, and their graphics and messaging updated cost-effectively and easily too. There are a number of options for these including roll-up stands, small A-size print holders with a pole and base, or floor wedge stands that hold a board graphic – these can be straight cut or cut to a bespoke shape and printed double-sided for double the impact. These are great vehicles for directional signage and simple, yet important, messaging.

Barriers systems

A great way of guiding customers around till lines to the checkouts, or through exhibitions, would be to install walkways using cafe barrier type dividers. These are often seen outside cafes as a way of designating an area for people to sit within. The dividers could be printed to either show where the next safe place to stand is, or to advertise a product or event while people are queuing. You can determine the queuing area yourself by how you build and position the walkway. It's literally a set of freestanding poles and graphics which attach together.

Printed acrylic

If you are going the extra mile and putting up acrylic barriers between customers and till point servers did you know we can either print directly to the acrylic (even if it's clear) or apply cut vinyl to the surface? This would allow messages to be applied directly to the surface for customers to see.


A good old fashion poster is a simple and effective way to share your Social Distancing policy and information with those around you. We can print to any size, from standard A sizes to bespoke shapes and dimensions.

Window and walls

As well as the above, we can produce signage and graphics for your windows and walls too. Perhaps you want to share a Social Distancing policy on your windows, doors, or exteriors before the public enters. These can be in the form of cut vinyl decals, posters, boards, self-adhesive vinyl, or hanging signage.


Standees and strut cards

Ideal for till points, shelving, or even the floor, we can produce free-standing signs with supporting struts to fit in most locations. These could house any information from simple messages to a full-size cutout of Darth Vader asking you to keep your distance (copyright permitting of course)

And of course, if you want to get creative and have other ideas for social distancing graphics, just let us know. We'll be happy to brainstorm ideas with you and suggest interesting production methods and materials to get the message across.

The most important thing is to follow protocol safely and if we can be of service for this, we're here to help. Send us an email to with any requirements or questions you may have.