Floor graphics

Floor and pavement graphics are great for retail, events and signage.

Health & safety secure floor graphics

Floor graphics and decals have remarkable purposes. From functional directional signage to beautiful floor art coverage. The Graphical Tree team works in harmony with retail or exhibition displays. The printed floor graphics are suitable for any surface you want to cover. The finished printed graphic is non-slip for health and safety consciousness. And, the floor print or floor decal will come in easy-to-install linos for events. Or, high-adhesive, long-lasting branded graphics especially custom-made for retailers.

Safety and durability are paramount for floor graphics. All of our print materials are made to stand up to constant footfall no matter where the graphics are installed. And, can be used with a display at shopping centres, pavements, museums, event signage and spaces, or retail stores.

Get creative with floor decals!

Our team can help you get creative in planning. What about creating a false floor? Maybe an underfoot aquarium or beach scene, or even a snow or rock landscape.
Discover our floor graphics work, check out our !TA Miniopoly event in London case study for a floor lino in all its glory. And, the amazing stairwell for the Royal Academy of Arts. Both case studies include installation videos.

Floor graphics ideas

The graphics can be used for a wide variety of purposes including directional signage to guide people to a particular area. Additionally as a floor poster-style graphic for a promotion, an event, or a new product. Retailers particularly love this solution for branding because the eye-catching presence means they standout to their customers. Floor decals draw attention to your messaging and brand.
ITA Venues Miniopoly event from above
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