The Communication Store – office graphics

The Graphical Tree were approached to produce office graphics including signage and glass manifestations for the office refit at The Communication Store in Kensington, London. TCS are a development and communications company for the fashion and retail industry. Their offices were being refurbished and required some smart looking directional signs and meeting room glass manifestations to enhance the space.

Vinyl decals for design impact

The crisp designs called out for the graphics to be produced using cut vinyl. The flat colours available within the vinyl swatches meant that a consistency of colour was achievable across all graphic locations. Vinyl decals are produced by predetermined cutting shapes from sheets of coloured film. Much like cutting from sheets of coloured paper.

As always, we like to undertake a site visit to the location before starting a job. We can take measurements of the spaces to have graphics and signage applied to it. This is especially important when installing graphics to glass. Visiting the locations means we can accurately measure the individual panels in a glass well including the silicone between each. We can feed these dimensions to our own production teams and the designers. This ensures that artwork is supplied correctly and production and installation run smoothly.
Glass manifestations for the communications store in London office by the The Graphical Tree
Cut vinyl decals installed in an office London

How are the glass decals installed?

A plan of each graphic in its location is supplied to our installers when they fit the vinyl. Where necessary we can share the x and y measurements to ensure the graphics are fitted in the correct positions. All of this will have been worked out by the designers with the help of our site visit information.

Our installers take great care in the application of graphics. Making sure surfaces are clean before applying vinyl ensures that, as much as possible, dust does not inhibit the installation. A clean surface alleviates unsightly speckles and air pockets under the decals. Installation is the final piece of the puzzle and we believe it's worth taking the time to get right.
Wayfinding and directional vinyl decal signage for retail logistics agency in London