Immersive experience hotel graphics

The Graphical Tree was approached by interactive experience artist Georgia Tucker to produce supporting graphics for her collaboration with the hotel W London called Advena. Georgia had never undertaken such a project before, so it was all a learning curve for her. Fortunately, we have on many an occasion and metaphorically held her hand throughout the whole process.

Advena is a virtual reality resort and immersive VR experience at W London that responds to our desire for escapism – possibly more so post-Covid summers. We transformed W London’s WOW Suite into a visual sensation featuring tropical fauna wallpaper and colourful architecture for the project. Through the lens of VR, you could lose yourself in Advena and escape to an idyllic landscape of opalescent orbs, wacky pink doughnuts, sunsets and warm beaches and a pink ball pit ‘pool’ from the comfort of W London in the bathroom.

Starting on the outside we printed a number of facade graphics including large window wraps and bright pink edging to the large entrance W to the hotel. These offered a visual introduction to the Advena experience happening inside.

Inside we produced a host of graphics that set the scene. These included producing pink palm trees for the bar windows (as you do) wallpapers, self-adhesive feature wall graphics throughout the hotel, and floor and tabletop graphics.

Installation was undertaken with the utmost care for those staying at the hotel, making sure we kept out of everybody’s way as much as possible, and not to disturb their visit.

Perhaps the most unusual part of the process for us was matching as best as possible the colours of the VR interaction, with the printed graphics. When you have access to the designer it’s always helpful, as they can set up artwork as requested, and required, as well as having first-hand knowledge of how the printed pieces need to look.

Through Advena, Georgia Tucker explores the ecological and social impact of tourism and its corresponding resort culture. The full experience of Advena is designed to be an overstimulating sensory experience, highlighting the excessive nature of current fast lifestyles and our craving for more stimulation. So it was important for the imagery to be as vibrant and captivating of the imagination as possible, taking the participant on a journey from arrival at the hotel, and into the experience room.

Here’s the link to book your viewing of Georgia’s fantastic VR experience at W London.