Cut to shape

Your creative, made to measure.

What is cut to shape?

Cut to shape is typically a term used for anything that isn't a simple square or A-shape, such as custom-produced props, stickers, shaped wall graphics, signage, printed and made-up boxes, and even printed kit form furniture.

Our in-house router cutter gets the job done quickly and to your exact specifications. Following a cut path similar to when we produce vinyl cut decals. However, it's not just thin substrates like vinyl or card we can work with. With the investment in router cutting, it is possible we can deliver your project on almost any substrate up to 48mm thick, including wood, board, and acrylic.

Custom cut graphics

Typically our clients require custom-made graphics, and bespoke design which needs the cut-to-shape technique. Here are a few different examples of projects and materials we have worked with to produce cut-to-shape products. Our case study for the food restaurant chain EAT shows the results. And, part of the working process, of a cut to shape job in production.

If you have a project in mind you would like produced, or you would like some advice, contact our team and we'll be happy to discuss.

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