Tension Fabric Displays ~ 5 things you need to know

by Simon McClelland Morris
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Here we explore the huge benefits of tension fabric displays for retail, exhibitions, trade shows, and office environments to create an instant visual impact. Not only that, they are sustainable too. Also known as stretch frame graphics or SEGs (Silicone Edge Graphics) these display systems have become very popular recently for good reason. Here is everything you need to know about tension fabric displays, explore our top reasons why:

1. Sustainability

Stretch frame graphics are reusable and recyclable. We print them using polyester fabric, rather than a more traditional PVC vinyl, on our water-based HP Latex printers. As a result, these graphics are great for the more eco-conscious and help to create a positive impact for the audience, rather than a negative one for the planet.

2. Crease-free

A tension fabric display is when the printed fabric graphic is stretched to a supporting framework, either wall mounted or free-standing. This helps to remove creases and fold marks from the banner, using tension created by the frame. It also means graphics are also very lightweight, durable and fold down for easy storage too.

3. Less glare

The fabric used for printing stretch frame/tension fabric display graphics also offers less glare than some conversation displays. The polyester fabric which is used instead of a satin/semi-gloss vinyl-based material doesn’t reflect light as much, allowing for a flatter visual display.

4. Easy to change graphic

One of the reasons for the popularity of tension fabric displays is that they are pretty easy to fit and change yourselves. There’s no need to hire an installation team and there are no tools required either to fit the graphics. You just start in the corner with the sewn edge and feed the silicone beading into the frame. To remove, just push out the graphic from one of the corners and remove the beaded from the frame.

5. Uses for tension frame graphics

There is a multitude of available uses for tension graphics covering lots of bases, including free-standing or wall-mounted backlit light boxes, wall frames, point of sale, media and logo walls, office livery, point-of-sale, and tension fabric modular exhibition stands.

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