Tension fabric frames

Stretch frame displays create huge visual impact, super easy to install and change.

What are tension fabric displays?

Tension fabric frames or displays are also known as stretch frame graphics or fabric display frames. The main benefit is the set-up, they are easy to put up and take down if temporary. They can also be very cost-effective and create a large visual impact for your customers. These beautiful fabric displays are the talk of the town in London, especially in the retail industry.

Can the display work with light?

The vibrantly printed stretch fabric graphics can be backlit with light, sometimes known as a "lightbox" or a stretch frame light box display, creating an amazing visual impact for your customers. These graphics, which often go by yet another name called tapestries, are also perfect for maximising point-of-sale signage and impact in a large space. The "lightbox" style displays are fantastic for reaching big crowds, a display and for use in:

Retail Stores
Exhibition Displays
Shopping Centres
Art Galleries
Schools, Colleges and Universities

How do tension fabric displays work?

With their silicone beading edge, these display graphics are super easy to install and change. You just simply pick a top corner to start with, work around the framework while squeezing the beading into the receiving slot of the aluminium frame with your finger - presto.

Everything is produced in-house with PVC-free transparent silicone edging and our own sewing machine finishing – so we're in control of quality and deadlines. And if you need help with installation, just let us know, our team can be on-site to help with this too.

Get a quote & consultation for tension fabric displays

Supercharge your brand with mesmerising stretch fabric lightbox graphics! Elevate your visual impact and point of sale today. Contact us at our London print studio for a free consultation.

The Graphical Tree for Jag Hunjan and Gap event for European staff get together.
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