Best Graphics in Show

by Simon McClelland Morris
Large format, Exhibitions & Events, Art, Galleries, Print

Award winning graphics

Did you hear that we won Best in Show at last week's UK Graphic Awards. 

And we're fully over the moon to have won!

What is the UK Graphic Awards?

The UK Graphic Awards is a yearly event that celebrates highly skilled professionals in the wide-format print industry. The accolade celebrates the natural talent and creativity that is invested in the production of clients' exhibitions, displays, and other well-esteemed projects. Often these projects have a big impact on commercial, social, and artistic communities.

What the judges said

The prize is in recognition of our work on the Felipe Pantone installation at The Saatchi Gallery's Beyond the Streets show.

The judges said that during the judging process, they had to Google the gallery and make sure this one was real! It was so mind-blowing and they had never seen anything like it before. ...and said that the unusual design and creativity, coupled with flawless execution, gave this submission an edge over the rest. They added that a line included in the submission from The Graphical Tree says it all ~

"The design may be bamboozling, but it’s also visually interesting, attention-grabbing, and, importantly, memorable. For us, it’s a privilege to play a part in producing some show-stopping graphics, ones that the audience will no doubt remember for a long time after exiting the gallery. What is art for after all, if it doesn’t provoke feeling and a memory."

How we did it (briefly)

The project covered five walls and the floor with this brilliant design. This consisted of the entrance wall, two partition walls, the left wall, the right wall, and a floor graphic along with six plinths. The whole production run in total equated to over linear 230m of self-adhesive vinyl print, and an additional 230m linear of seal. It’s also a lot of media to produce and install.

You can find our recent work at the Felipe Pantone at the Saatchi Gallery