Topshop – Pride

Who had fun standing on the multi-coloured floor stripes of the Topshop Pride installation this year? We worked with the Topshop design team, alongside sister company Bright Leaf, to bring the fashion superstore's main Oxford Street window to life. We covered both inside and outside for a full rainbow coloured celebration.
The installation covered a variety of surfaces within the display area. These included stretched frame fabric to a double sided lightbox, the window bed floor, bulkhead, store facade and out onto Oxford Street itself. The whole piece created a hugely impressive visual impact. So much so that the BBC featured it as the lead picture for a story on their website.
It was vitally important that colours were consistent throughout the full display. The first thing to do was to choose the pre-made vinyl for the window decals. This is an off the shelf product perfect for the rainbow primary colours of Pride. With these in hand, we could then print the 6 x 3.3m sized lightbox. Through a series of print tests, we perfectly matched the vinyl decal colours, even when illuminated on the lightbox.
Installation of the lightbox, and approx 50 square metres of vinyl, took place overnight, starting after 10.30pm once the store had closed and the pedestrian street had quietened down a little. We finished around six hours later as the sun was coming up and we could see the colourful fruits of our labour in all its glory. Full of pride, of course, in our work.