Liberty – The Beauty Drop

We’ve recently been working again with long-term partners, set build team extraordinaire Rule One Productions, to produce the windows for Liberty and their spring, The Beauty Drop campaign. The concept being a board game played over multiple windows of the department store complete with board, game cards, dice and props.

Our eco-solvent direct-to-media and sustainable ink latex printers worked overtime supplying a variety of graphics for the 10 window display. The entire window campaign stretches the length of the west side of the central London department store and takes advantage of the footfall between Soho and Regent Street. Having such an amount of windows allows a campaign to work on multiple levels – as one-off windows, and as a whole, whereby passers-by, and window shoppers, can have their attention galvanised as they interact with each coherent campaign display message on route.

The windows designs involve many items constructed by the build team at Rule One including ladders, coins, handbags, boxes, casks, lipsticks and video screen supports. The Graphical Tree provided a host of campaign livery including –

3mm PVC cut-to-shape floral designs, money and game cards
10mm foamex cut-to-shape game roadmaps
Printed self-adhesive vinyl wall and floor floral patterns installed on the interior surfaces
and cut vinyl decals with messaging applied directly to the glass.

Once all the printed display graphics were installed the 3D elements were hung and placed within each window, creating a layered. We worked with the visual merchandising team and Rule One to ensure all print and vinyl was produced to artwork specs and provided prior to the overnight campaign installation.

It’s always satisfying to visit a store in the morning after a big install seeing all the elements together looking as good as they did on the visuals and artwork.

You can find more of our work for Liberty and other retail brands here.