Harvey Nichols – campaign windows

We feel blessed to have an ongoing working relationship with the world-famous department store, Harvey Nichols. Having produced their 2021 Christmas window graphics, and the following winter sale signage, The Graphical Tree were asked to produce a set of graphics working in tandem with the excellent shop fit created for the Rewards campaign.

The graphics featured on 35 window panes across the entire shopfront facade on both sides of the store, covering Knightbridge/Brompton Road on one side, and Sloane Street on the other, no less. These streets are the epitome of high luxury swagger and the windows need to be both a fitting reflection of this and a style inspiration at the same time.

Some jobs involve one print or production method and one type of substrate. However, this particular set of Harvey Nichols windows involved a host of different graphics.

These include –

Decals cut from white-faced block-out vinyl. This allows the text to show as white at night when backlit, a white-backed vinyl would tend to look a darker shade, even grey in the darkness of night.

Printed grey-back block out pink arches, cut to shape on our in-house router.

The gold chequerboard squares were produced to optically clear self-adhesive and printed colour + white ink + colour for extra punch and cut to shape before window application.

The messaging bands at the bottom of the windows were printed to a clear self-adhesive with double strike colour with white ink. The ability to apply more ink to a print allows us to control the opacity for a graphic and adjust for the environment in question.

The set builders worked in tandem with The Graphical Tree internally, positioning the shelving, podiums and other objects relevant to the campaign. We both work off the same layout plan to ensure the windows fit together perfectly, and as planned.

After both teams have completed their parts of the installation, the in-store window dressers can come into the space and position the items, finishing off the windows ready for the big unveil to the public.

The end result looks fantastic. The vibrant use of colour and shapes harmonise together creating another impactful set of windows for the department store. There’s good reason why Harvey Nichols are well known for their brilliant and inventive displays time after time after time. It’s a pleasure to be involved in the process.