Hoarding graphics

Impactful graphics for internal and external hoardings.

What are hoardings

Hoardings are in effect, free-standing, self-supporting temporary fencing panels. Supports then interlock the panels making them useful for a wide range of applications. We produce graphics which are then applied to hoardings giving them a sense of colour, purpose and aesthetic content. They could be for a shop under refurbishment; building sites which need a facade while construction work goes on; to temporary dividers while a refit is underway within a department store.

Producing hoarding graphics

There are all sorts of hoardings. Some are big, beautiful, long-term, and some small and short-term, though still beautiful of course, or at least they can be. Which is where we come in.

Whether your hoarding is inside or outside, self-adhesive vinyl or printed di-bond, talk to us about the project. The Graphcial Tree can manage the whole process. From initial briefing and site survey, design and artwork, production, through to the actual installation of graphics. As part of the project, we can even organize the de-rig of graphics for you if required.

We all know that a big flat wall can be enticing to graffiti makers so we can add an anti-graffiti seal to graphics. And while it doesn't stop graffiti from being applied, it does make it somewhat easier to clean. We can also add all the finishing touches like headers and skirting plus screw caps, which all help to make your hoarding as beautiful and impactful as it should be.

Sustainable hoardings

If you're interested in an environmentally friendly hoarding option, let us know, and we'll be happy to advise. For example - foamex and di-bond are both reusable and recyclable. And self-adhesive vinyl can be produced using PVC-free material and printed using latex inks.
Remember, a good hoarding will serve as a great first impression to the public for retail spaces. And sustainable graphics also help set a good example for a considerate construction company's building site.
To read more about our eco media and substrates, we have a specialist page about the subject.

Hoarding design and consultation

If you've you need to speak to a member of our team about a hoarding you would like to complete with graphics, then let us know. We can help from the initial conversations, the design and artwork, through to print and installation. We have a team and department who can help with it all. Our email address is print@thegraphicaltree.com, or give us a call on 020 27580 4405.
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