Sustainable & eco print media

large format exterior graphics for walthamstow mall in london

Bubble Board

Bubble Board comes either 3mm or 5mm thick and is an eco-friendly polypropylene printable sheet used for signage and graphic fabrication.

The materials bubble structure allows the sheet to be manufactured at a lower weight than standard polypropylene sheets but still retain strength and rigidity and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. This polypropylene sheet is 100% recyclable and contains some reworked waste material helping with its environmentally-friendliness.


While a good old fashioned card is underused, partly due to its durability, it is a sound eco-friendly option. In the right environment, and for the right job, card is a perfect substrate to use for display point of sale – think smaller in size pieces or p.o.s. which is being fixed to a flat supporting surface like a wall.


Used primarily outdoors, Di-Bond is an aluminium composite sheet with a thin aluminium skin, which makes it fully recyclable. It’s perfect for hoardings that need to be hard-wearing. As it’s such a strong material there’s no reason why we couldn’t actually re-use it in the future too.


DISPA is a lightweight board that is available in 3mm and 8mm thickness. Its paper core gives it strength and rigidity and is great for indoor promotional campaigns. DISPA media is flat with a smooth surface from excellent printability with a good and stable rigidity. It is made of 100% paper.

E Flute

E-Flute Single wall clay coated corrugated boards are great for display work. The lightweight material combines superior strength with excellent pliability making them fantastic for hanging signage & 3D constructional POS and boxes. All materials used from sustainable sources and recyclable.

Falconboard & Dufaylite

Both these lightweight products are highly sustainable and made from up to 95% recycled card and paper material. So, while they aren’t easily re-usable, they 100% recyclable – just place them with your general recycling paper waste. They’re great for large p.o.s. such as display boards and smaller items like boxes and packaging.

Floor media

Our printable floor graphic media is tear-resistant and PVC free, with a built-in coating that offers high R10-certified slip resistance and eliminates the need for an additional laminate. It’s is perfect for retail stores, supermarkets & shopping centres, airports, travel hubs, and convention centres. The media is also ideal for all smooth hard floors, from concrete to tiling, also even low pile carpets tiles.


Foamex (forex) is a hugely popular, widely used, re-usable and durable board. We use it for cut-to-shape graphics, point of sale, event and exhibition spaces, retail stores, and museum and gallery work.

Foamex is produced from plastic so it’s fully waterproof when printing directly to the board or when mounting self-adhesive vinyl prints to the surface. And although Foamex graphics are made of plastic and not recyclable, you could reuse them and send them back to us to re-purpose

Green Cast Acrylic

At present, Green Cast Acrylic is the world’s only 100% recycled cast acrylic sheet. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and colours making it a useful material for a variety of jobs including shop fitting, signage, point of sale, displays for interior and exterior graphics

MDI (eco-MDF)

While this wood-based product is made from sawdust and, if it is certified, sustainably grown wood, it uses glue to bond its composite pieces. And even though the amount of glue has decreased over the years, meaning it is effectively low formaldehyde, it’s still non-recyclable. It is reusable though. It’s also possible to use an MDF product called Medite Ecologique with a zero formaldehyde glue called MDI. The benefits of MDI glue are that you need much less of it to bond a board together, 3-5% as opposed to 10-15% for formaldehyde-based glue boards. Secondly, MDI is inert, which means that it does not let off gas and VOC’s.

PVC-free roll media

We have a variety of PVC-free roll media including self-adhesive vinyl, roll-up stand film, banner and cling materials; a biodegradable wall fabric; floor, magnetic, and wallpaper. Many of these materials are manufactured in the UK and therefore have a low emission delivery rate to us. PVC is very difficult to recycle as it is made from lots of different formulations. These many compounds make breaking vinyl products down into their original components nearly impossible. Hence the need to use alternatives when and where possible.

Smart X

Smart X is a 100% recyclable material with 95% of the waste generated in its production being collectable for recycling.  Smart X is a light sheet substrate made from weather resistant solid polystyrene which has no adhesive between its inside core and outer layers.

Recycled Satin Canvas

Our Recycled Satin Canvas is REACH-compliant and made with yarn from 100% recycled water bottles. It’s also eligible for recycling through the HP large Format Media take-back program. This canvas allows you to achieve an artistic look and feel for photo enlargements, reproductions, and retail and hospitality decor and helps the Earth at the same time.

Storm Board

Storm Board is a 19mm thick board which uses UV protected recycled plastic. Some see it as an eco-friendly alternative to plywood. It can be used internally and externally, including construction and advertising hoarding and display graphics. And while it can be used like wood, Storm Board does not rot because of rainy weather. And, at the end of its lifespan, it can be shredded and re-used to make a new batch of Storm Board.

Uncoated paper

Not only does this give you a beautiful matte surface, but it’s also not reflective, like coated gloss or satin papers. If you’re producing presentations or art, think of using an uncoated matte paper stock to show off your words and work effectively. We can print directly to the paper using water-based latex ink which helps to make this a highly recyclable product.