Printed Woodgrain House

by Simon McClelland Morris
Vinyl, Design, Large format, Exhibitions & Events, Architecture

The House Vision exhibition (2016) was held in Tokyo, Japan. The show included 12 housing prototypes by notable Japanese architects and designers, as well as being a think tank for construction and technology companies. As part of this, Hara Design Institute with Toppan Printing, produced a structure that looks like it is made from one giant piece of wood. In fact, both the exterior and interior are covered with a printed woodgrain texture. so nothing is actually real wood, everything is printed. “The body interacts with the whole house, visually and aurally. The house looks wooden so it’s a gentle interaction. You feel you are communicating with the environment rather than with the digital world.” said Kenya Hara. The house is a lovely example of the possibilities of print.

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