Liberty Christmas windows, perfectly framed

by Simon McClelland Morris
Window, Visual merchandising, Vinyl printing, Print, Retail

The perfectly framed Liberty Christmas windows 2021

Retailers often dig deep for creative inspiration for the next best Christmas window display to entice their customers into the store. Touching on nostalgia, history, British culture, and memories. Discover the inspiration behind Liberty's creative Christmas window displays this year.

Sometimes we’re commissioned to produce the simplest part of a job. This is okay with us as the whole is usually more important than the individual. But even when asked to provide something straightforward, it’s important to remember the part you play in creating the whole retail campaign, especially at a busy period like Christmas time.

In this case, The Graphical Tree was asked to produce and install the window borders for the new Liberty Christmas windows.

Drawing customers in with luxury Christmas window displays

Each window across the west side of the store facade has postage stamp edges applied inside the elaborate carved wooden frames of the famous department store. The frames add a perfect finishing touch to the fantastic graphic installation and product placement work of the window teams.

It’s these details that can help bring an elaborate, complex, multifaceted, and layered display even more to life. The borders stand out and are an instant indicator of the message of sending some joy to those we love at Christmas.

The campaign tagline hints at the dedication taken by the buyers when choosing products for the store, always of a certain standard, and that which is what you would expect of Liberty, “Chosen by us, stamped with magic.”

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