Serving free print advice and a hot drink

by Simon McClelland Morris
Customer service, Environmental, Kit

While we all hang on to the hope of an Indian Summer, those of us with children at school have had the word Autumn (term) thrust upon us. We’ve already seen one shop with Halloween paraphernalia on its shelves, and there are a few trees with the first tonal change from green to orange. Maybe we should face facts – it’s almost time to layer up.

So what have we learnt from the summer months? Well, that 40 degrees in England is possible, and as a result, so are our own wildfires. This will become the norm. Thankfully the climate change message does seem to be getting through and influencing decision makers as more customers are asking for sustainable eco large format graphics. It also means that media manufacturers have more environmentally friendly products available, including those made from recycled plastics, biodegradable print media, and paper-based boards. It’s taken a while – but let’s hope eco graphics are new ‘the norm’ too. You can find out more about our greener graphics here.

On a lighter note, for those of us lucky enough to have had a break, and even go away for a week or two, you’ve probably noticed that a change of scenery is great for personal morale and invigorating the spirit. With this in mind, at least until Winter catches us by the ankles, while we can go outside and not be trapped in video meetings, and speak to each other without masks and actually shake hands as a greeting – why not take advantage of a local change of scenery and pay us a visit?

If and when you do, you’ll notice a few changes to our Central London HQ, including a re-jigged studio layout – the Account Handlers are now in their very own space with some beautiful new vibrantly green plants and a meeting area. We’ve also added a flatbed Summa cutter into the production mix to help us be even more responsive to deadlines and workloads. We’re basically replicating our state-of-the-art production unit set-up in Uxbridge within W1 – this gives us yet more scope and efficiency. 

We’re happy to chat about a project you have in the works, no matter if it’s just an embryonic idea; we can show you samples of print media such as different board or roll media; we can share our experience regarding what might be the best method to produce the work; and we can have a heads-up about when the project may go ahead and what we need to plan ahead for – installation team, special materials, site permits, machine time etc.

We’re here and available to help. Seeing people in person is such a rewarding experience as we’re sure we’ve all come to recognise and appreciate post-pandemic. We’re social beings, and if we can open our doors for you to come in and share a hot drink and some ideas with us, then so much the better.

And here's a nice article we wrote previously that ties both 'the local' and 'sustainability' together by using a local supplier.

In the meantime, here are a few of the lovely projects we’re been working on over the summer, enjoy.