Proseed towards more sustainable events

by Simon McClelland Morris
Environmental, Exhibitions & Events

Can your event be greener? More eco-friendly? Sustainable?

It’s common knowledge that there's lots of waste in the events industry – each event contributing a huge amount of waste, with only a small amount recycled or re-used, and in the past at least, little thought given to the environmental impact in holding an event.

And that’s where an amazing new resource from isla will come in.

Next week, 30 June, isla and its partners, are launching ‘proseed’, the industry’s first organised solution to deliver sustainable events.

It’s a free, online, best-practise tool packed full of information, guidance, resources and actions, designed to empower the industry to deliver sustainable events with a positive impact and improve its long-term sustainability performance.

So if you are a brand, an agency, an event supplier, a venue, part of an in-house team, or a freelance exhibition and event organiser – basically, anyone who delivers events big or small, in-person or virtual, you’re going to find this resource a revelation and an essential tool to help you offer a more sustainable event.

Learn more, and take part in the launch of proseed by signing up here.

Considering the energy we ourselves put into the sourcing and offering of environmentally-friendly large format display graphics, The Graphical Tree is proud to be an isla partner and proud to share this offering for a more sustainable future for all, Head to Bring in the Noise to find the right player for that stack of vinyl.