Pro-active large format print R&D

by Simon McClelland Morris
Eco, Environmental, Sustainable print, Large format

R&D for the large format print industry

We're continually trying to push the boundaries at The Graphical Tree and we recently held a very productive meeting with a long-term material supplier and manufacturer of ours to progress things even further.

The coming together was to discuss a research and development partnership for new eco and sustainable materials and media. R&D is the innovation undertaken to develop new services or products, and improve existing ones. With our long-time experience within the industry and role as part of the Print Working Group in isla, we can be trusted, both as a testing partner, and also as one who can initiate new and inventive ideas for the large format print sector. After all, if you don't share what is needed, you'll wait a long time for something to arrive. Going straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak, can fashion the change so desperately needed.

We're constantly testing media regardless, recent materials being a biodegradable fabric and canvas made from recycled bottles. We want to change the industry for the better with its sustainable practices, and for this, you need to work closely with manufacturers too. As we spoke about in a previous post, we have a moral responsibility to the planet to be as sustainable as possible. So we appreciate and value the open door afforded to us by our supplier to foster the development of new media. We're all hoping this will become a fruitful partnership with sustainability gains for all, and a host of new materials to use within retail, events, and other graphical environments.