Printing to brick and concrete

by Simon McClelland Morris
Office graphics, Inspiration, Guides, Direct to media

Have you ever wanted to apply graphics to brick and other unusual surfaces? Well here's a short posting about just that. Read on...

Bored of the bare brick look? Want to cover those rough surfaces with a graphic of your choice? It’s always fun to turn a wall into something else, such as the countryside scenes we produced for snack provider Bear Nibbles' offices.

The graphics are produced using a highly conformable PVC vinyl (check to learn more about this material). The conformable nature of the material means it's perfect to apply to rough walls and surfaces.

The PVC is heated to make it stretchable and pliable to the surface of the bricks, grouting and all. The vinyl moulds to the texture and surface, bonding to the brickwork. It can be a time-consuming process but our installers are experienced, and patient. There’s no point rushing when you want a job done well. Especially as the material has a very good opacity as a result of its grey backed adhesive, meaning the prints always have a strong visual impact.

It doesn’t just have to be the inside walls you cover either. If you would like to change the appearance of your shopfront for a promotion or event, as we did for the Puma store in London’s Carnaby Street, or the stone seats at the Saatchi Gallery we covered for The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism show, we can apply the vinyl in the great outdoors too. The expected outdoor durability of the product is up to 3 years.

And of course, in theory it doesn’t have to just be brick or stone, how about breeze block, concrete or even the side of a cliff? We do like to play with possibility after all.