Eclectic influence for a large format print brand

by Simon McClelland Morris
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There is always a bit of an interesting back story with most companies, whether in the creative scene or not. And, that is certainly true of The Graphical Tree. Discover some of our natural inspiration, that has been part of the journey for this large-format print company to what it beholds today.

In a recently released interview between the two rock royalties, Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and Iggy Pop, Iggy was talking about influences on some of the early Stooges songs. These range from Bo Diddley and Pharoah Sanders beats, to Revell's Bolero (remember Torvil and Dean?). To the uninitiated, this seems like a crazy mix to inspire punk rock. Equally, to those who sing along to the (Iggy) pop anthem Lust for Life, 1950's rock and roll, spiritual jazz, and classical might seem an odd mix to jump off from. But you have to start from somewhere and sometimes the eclectic the better.

What inspired a large-format print brand?

What inspired The Graphical Tree? Well, no doubt the years of work and the accumulation of experience beforehand. Add to that a mix of graphic design careers, street culture living, travel to far-flung places such as Mexico City and Kathmandu, the ever-evolving history of Soho, and working for top-of-the-class retail brands, global financial institutions, and big events. They all played their part in influencing the desire to create a company that looked good, felt good, and would produce good work.

Iggy Pop has been making music now for over 55 years. Let that sink in, fifty-five years. You cannot possibly have that long a successful career and still be inspired to do more unless you keep your eyes, ears, and feelings open to what's going on around you, near and far, and absorb its influences. The Graphical Tree are 16 years old this year, fledgling by comparison, but we do keep ourselves open to experiences that enhance us as individuals and therefore as a company. Did anyone see our previous article about the alternative astrophysics of building a good team?

Associating with large-format print brand

You can see these influences in our work. In some respects, it's us giving back to the influences, giving back to the cultures which give us so much. Brands align with The Graphical Tree because they can associate with us, they can see we're a worldly bunch, that we live within the world we serve. And because of this associated view, customers can see we have a genuine interest in the work and will most likely be empathetic (true) to any issues and requirements when producing large-format display graphics for a project, event, or retail campaign.

A successful large-format print brand

We believe we're so much more than brilliant quality work, friendly and informative staff, and budget-friendly pricing. But you have to walk the walk too, allowing our abundance of influences to help create a forward-thinking, somewhat fearless, and vibrant brand in itself. As a reward, we get to work with the likes of fashion brands Reebok, Longchamp, JW Anderson, Uniqlo, and END. As well as interesting and challenging projects like these for an Overture Events and Pinsent Mansons' entrance installation, the Halcyon Gallery, Toni Leigh Hawkes Creative's giant drapery tape measure, our ever-famous Oxford Street Pride graphics, and this incredible project for Felipe Pantone at the Saatchi Gallery's Beyond the Streets London exhibition. Look out for a full case of this work soon.

So, come and say hi, and see how 'you' can inspire us too. Who knows what it may lead to?