'Breathe from the lungs of your ideas'

by Simon McClelland Morris
Creativity, Exhibitions & Events, Art, Film, Inspiration

As a company we like to think we appreciate creativity and humanity. We offer a service built by personality, care and ideas.

We’re blessed to work with some brilliant people, including our staff and our clients. Interesting creative folk who fuel and challenge us to be our best daily. We’re happy to shout about great work, and we run a regular Artist and Illustrator Series on our Instagram grid, championing artists present and past who we know inspire us, and our clients.

Sometimes something comes along that just should be heard. What follows isn’t anything that hasn’t been said before, but it's said with such honesty and conviction we thought we would share it with you.

Vanessa German - Artist:

It’s a prose piece by artist, performer, photographer, sculptor, writer, poet, activist and visionary Vanessa German. The piece was written as an introduction for TedxPittsburgh but it speaks volumes to us all.

It deserves to be heard and inspire each of us to blossom, to be unafraid, and to make our ideas reality.

Harry Kane, a normal kid from a normal background, and recently installed as the captain of the England football team said, "Put no limits on yourself - nobody should.” Success isn't about luck, it's about hard work, bravery and boldness to give something a try.

Rise to the occasion and play with the possibilities inside of you. Let the ideas flow. Be the best of that you can, that’s certainly what we want to be.