The London Edition x Pride

The Graphical Tree was commissioned by the fabulous The London Edition hotel to produce and install the graphics for their stunning Pride entrance experience. The creative by designers Craig & Karl bringing an extra sparkle to the opulent and sophisticated London hotel, located just off Oxford Street.


glass graphic displays by the graphical tree for cunningham captures

Craig Redman and Karl Maier are known for their love of colour and didn’t disappoint bringing this fully to the hotel’s glass cube installation.

The vibrant nature of the Pride piece welcomed hotel guests into the space through a colourful semi-opaque entrance. The design used the rainbow-themed colours of the Pride flag and the LGBTQ+ pink triangle to shout out the celebratory message of equality.

The graphics printed to clear self-adhesive vinyl helped create a lasting first impression to guests entering, and an uplifting experience for those inside. The transparent nature of the finished product, when illuminated by the incoming light, enhances the space with luminescence and brilliance.

Being neighbours of the hotel and part of their local community of supplier partners, meant it was easy for us to facilitate site visits to double-check measurements; highlight any potential installation issues and assess the space and hotel prior to writing up our Method Statements and Risk Assessment Health & Safety forms.

Having a Central London production site and HQ has a lot of benefits, including the possibility of working on such brilliant projects as this. It also means we have easy access to actually test colour proofs on site. We were able to do this at various times throughout the day to see just how the print reacted to changes in the light and how it affected the overall design concept. Using this first-hand information allowed us to adjust the colour saturation if it is necessary.

The nature of the print production for this job, CMYK semi-opaque colour to clear adhesive vinyl, meant that real care was needed when applying the prints to the glass without residue water smearing or bubbles to the surface. The artificial light from inside and the daylight from outside would show up any deficiency in the fitting. But thankfully we know what an essential part of the job installation is, so we only use a highly skilled and experienced team. One capable of laying down graphics in all types of environments and to different surfaces, ensuring the end result is as brilliant as it can be.

And when we’re proud of a project such as this, it’s an easy decision to write up a case study to shout about it.

We really care about what we do and never want our clients to feel disappointed at the end of a project’s completion. It helps to have a competent team of printer operators, project managers, art workers, and installers ready to be entrusted to do a job well from start to finish.

Community shout-outs ~

Design by Craig & Karl

Photography by Cunningham Captures

Produced for The London Edition Hotel