Printed Interior Graphics For Studio Makgill & Uncommon

We were approached by highly regarded design agency Studio Makgill to work on a project for their client Uncommon's office sharing workspace in Borough, London. Studio Makgill created the Uncommon brand identity as well as designing the signage and space livery. As their website says, "Uncommon is a workspace that makes you feel good, so you do better. A creative yet calm environment." It was our job to implement this esthetic with stunning graphics.

As part of our project management for the commision, we attended two site visits on Studio Makgill's behalf, who are based in Brighton. After taking a brief, we had a look around the Uncommon space and took all relevant measurements to share with the designers and our production department. As part of a site visit, we check all work surfaces for potential hazards and note anything unusual which needs addressing at the design, artwork or installation stages.

The job was to be staged in two sections. First was to complete the workspace area. The second stage, at a later date, will be to cover the walls of the six stairways with colour matching wall graphics.

Before installing the first set of graphics we prepared the fireplace unit, then painted its surface, matching the paint colours to the Uncommon brand colours supplied by the agency. Laser printed layout proofs obviously vary so we never rely on these as reference points for colours. After running a set of tests and colour matching to our own satisfaction, we met the lead designer to have them signed off prior to production of the printed graphics beginning.

A couple of days later, once we were sure the paint had sufficiently dried, our installation team returned to the offices. This is when we fitted the graphics for the central fireplace type feature including its returns. Alongside this, we printed and fitted graphics for four elevator exteriors and their two interiors. The second stage, at a later date, will be to cover the walls of the six stairways with colour matching graphics.

The idea is for the Uncommon workspace to have the lively updated every quarter with new graphics. We store all job stats and references ready for future use. So when we come to do a job once again, we're well prepared with the dimensions and logistics ready to start production without having to backtrack or revisit unless really necessary. This saves us time and the client money, something everyone always appreciates.