Meta graphics by Valentina Ferrandes

The Graphical Tree was commissioned by Valentina Ferrandes, a visual artist, designer and filmmaker to produce and install her work at the new Meta office in London.

Even before receiving the artwork, we knew the work would be visually captivating and striking. Valentina interweaves a technology-driven approach to image-making with archival found footage, environmental recordings, archaeological findings and documentary video, creating narratives which explore potential new worlds between past and present. She is also the 2022 artist in residence at Meta London headquarters as part of the Meta Open Arts Programme.

The work is also part of the Regents Place urban development initiative.

Valentina vividly describes the work as follows –

“Through this spatial intervention, Valentina has created a fictional architectural space inspired by metaphysical painting, an early 20th Century Italian art movement showing dream-like scenes with unexpected juxtapositions of objects. The installation begins with the textural deconstruction of a classical sculpture, Athena Lemnia, which Valentina then reconstructs using an algorithmic 3D analysis model. In Ancient Greece, Athena was the androgynous goddess of strategic warfare, wisdom, crafts and fertility. Elements of the original myth like her iconic helmet are maintained and technology is used to render the sculpture through a new lens, creating a new exploratory space between classicality and tech-driven aesthetic.”

The graphics consisted of over 50 sq m of print, produced by a high-definition inkjet print process. We used a high-grip self-adhesive vinyl and which was applied in situ by a two-person installation team onto a combination of painted walls, glass and wood.

We’ll leave the final words to Valentina, who said, “You guys have been fantastic in helping me with this project at a time your lab was so busy! It’s been incredibly well received by the curators and all visitors so far. Big shoutout (for your) 100% flexibility and attention to detail.” Valentina, you’re making us blush.

Valentina Ferrandes @valentinaferrandes +

Pics by Richard Rothmore @r.s.rothmore 

Commissioned by Meta Open Arts @metaopenarts