Halfpenny at Harrods

The Graphical Tree was commissioned by top British bridal wear designers Halfpenny London to produce and install their pop-up concession at Harrods.

Halfpenny was founded in 2005 by costume designer, celebrity stylist and Central St Martin’s textile graduate, Kate Halfpenny; Halfpenny London has become one of the UK’s leading luxury bridal wear brands and is coveted by the fashion elite.

As the Halfpenny website says, the brand, “weaves Brit cool with a luxe sensibility, creating innovative, chic dresses and separates for the modern woman. Kate understands the bride’s desire to be her best self and to express that in their own way.”  Kate’s clients read like a who’s who of fashion glitterati and include British icons Kate Moss, Erin O’Connor, Millie Mackintosh and Emilia Fox.

Our work on the project needed to sit confidently alongside and support the exquisite bridal wear produced by the Halfpenny London artisans.

The project involved The Graphical Tree creating a number of VM props and graphic elements for the area. The gold and black are both a bold juxtaposition and a complementary colour palette to the white bridal gowns on display.

Two large 3D charms were made for the central display by using four sheets of 25mm foamex bonded together to make 100mm deep pieces. These were sprayed black before a printed mirror gold vinyl layer, mounted to 3mm foamex was applied front and back and then attached to a steel base.

We also covered two glass display vitrines in Harrods with a variety of different charms produced using the mirror gold with printed using black latex ink. These were finished off with mirror gold cut text which were also applied to the changing room area for continuity throughout.

Additional free-standing charms were made and slotted into 5mm foamex feet as support, all with mirror gold vinyl applied to their surfaces and two mannequin bases were wrapped in gold vinyl for an extra bit of pizzazz.

Last but not least on the list, we made a number of small mirror gold and black charms which were been hung amongst the display’s floral decorations. This all helped to create harmony throughout the concession with white, gold and black in abundance, and alongside the singular striking red dress drawing people in with its brilliance of colour.

It’s worth noting that applying mirrored gold vinyl is no mean feat. Unless applicated in a clear and as dust-free environment as possible, the likelihood of noticeable specs being sealed under the vinyl surface is common. It goes without saying an air of high caution and professionalism was needed throughout. It’s something we apply to all jobs but are acutely aware of how important it is in a store like Harrods and for a luxury brand such as Halfpenny London.

And who doesn’t like a happy customer? We were privileged to have Kate Halfpenny herself on-site to see the finished installation and give it her stylish seal of approval. She liked it so much Kate even posed for photographs next to the displays.