Event graphics

Enhancing an event with brilliant graphics and signage.

Almost every event requires some graphics be it stage livery, photo opportunity backdrops, venue signage or outside the event advertising. Producing and installing event graphics and signage is one our main offerings and areas of expertise – we’re asked to produce them all the time.

Whether it’s a bespoke design and build, we're here to help. The Graphical Tree can handle the whole production process, which frees our clients up to focus on other aspects of their events. A few quick examples of events we work on and contribute to are – the annual Wired conference in London, London Fashion Week and the Naked Heart Foundation ball.

The best way to start is by sending us a short brief. Then a typical event job pans out something like the following: an initial meet up and site visit; consultation advice and a discussion on what’s required; a detailed inventory of items to produce; confirmation of measurements; designing or checking of artwork; production; installation; and often de-rig after the event.

There are a plethora of materials and production solutions available for event graphics depending on the space and user experience you want to share. A few examples are – free-standing signs in a variety of substrates such as acrylic, MDF or clear perspex; hanging banners in vinyl, canvas, mesh or voil; weather proof and fire retardant foamex boards suitable for inside or outside a venue; and how about printed floor graphics to add to the event's directional signage repertoire?

That's the beauty of an initial site visit and consultation, we're able to take your ideas and bring them to life through our material and event knowledge.

Remember, event graphics play a major part in making every show truly memorable. Give us a call and let us add our experience to the customers experience.

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