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Design and consultancy via our sister company, Bright Leaf.
Visual merchandising by Bright Leaf in Uniqlo store
Bright Leaf at Heals

What is visual merchandising?

Visual merchandising (VM) is the art of creating captivating visual displays and optimising store design to enhance the retail experience.

It's the practice within the retail industry of optimizing the presentation of products and attracting, engaging, and motivating the customer towards making a purchase.

London VM agency

Our sister company Bright Leaf is based in Central London. The team's extensive knowledge of the visual merchandising market means they are perfectly placed to advise on retail and event design. Bright Leaf's reputation has earned them an impressive client base. This includes Tag Heuer, House of Fraser, Swarovski, Heal’s, Uniqlo, and more.

Our teams across companies work in synergy and collaboration.  This means projects flow seamlessly between the creative process and production. Both work towards the same goal of delivering the best outcome for our clients.

Transform retail experiences with visual merchandising

The practice also extends to in-store to make the most of the customer traffic that comes through the door. It's one thing to improve footfall, but it's essential to ensure customers have a great experience in your effort to entice them to buy. That's why the VM strategy also looks at the store design, displays, aesthetics, and floor plan to make the customer journey as seamless (and enjoyable) as possible.

More and more brands are utilising visual merchandising as a part of their marketing plans. So it's vital that you look towards this strategy to ensure you don't fall behind!

What Bright Leaf offer

Experience the power of exceptional visual merchandising with Bright Leaf, our sister company. Elevate your retail space, captivate customers, and boost sales. Bright Leaf was set up to help complement the production knowledge and capabilities of The Graphical Tree team. Together work in collaboration to deliver outstanding vibrant and creative visual merchandising in the retail sector.

You can expect unparalleled attention to detail, a keen understanding of market trends, and a commitment to delivering results. Working with an expert in visual merchandising can help amplify your brand's presence, drive foot traffic, and ultimately increase your bottom line. Take the first step towards retail success and contact us and Bright Leaf to unlock the full potential of your visual merchandising strategy.

Services include window displays, event merchandising, POS display design, manufacture, and project management services.

With the Bright Leaf VM services, the team together transforms spaces that engage customers and drive sales. Combining creativity and strategic planning to curate visually stunning displays that effectively showcase your products. With a deep understanding of retail design, Bright Leaf leverages its expertise to create compelling visual narratives that leave a lasting impression.

With an expert VM agency by your side, more people will notice your store and you'll notice an increase in customer footfall.

Find out more at the Bright Leaf website.

Bright Leaf H&M sales area design, print production and installation
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