Printing Boutique Shop Graphics

by Simon McClelland Morris
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We love working with boutiques as much as for larger brands. There's a vested interest in the business, and it's this energy which is constantly inspiring because after all, we're here to make you look as great as you can through the use of graphics. It's a working relationship perfectly aligned with our offering, one centred around personal service and display boutique graphics.

So whether you are a small shop, a pop-up, or a speciality department within a larger store we understand the importance of standing out within a potentially crowded marketplace.

How can we help?

Here's a list of useful print services you might need for your boutique:

  • Point of sale
  • Wall graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Design (graphic and artwork)
  • Design (visual merchandising)
  • Consultancy

Let's start at the bottom and work our way back up.

1. Graphics and display consultancy

We’ve been in the graphic and display business for quite a while, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Engage us as visual and production consultants and we can deliver technical solutions as well as contributing to the design if this is required. We’re able to advise from the embryonic brief through to delivery and installation. Our team have a thorough knowledge of substrates and production methods, as well as years of experience on location making sure a project runs smoothly from start to finish. Even if it's a simple piece of advice about which material to use, we're here to help. We also love to be challenged. Come to us with just an idea and we'll help you turn it into reality. We have a great team of experienced large format print and display project managers, so we can add real value, impact, and expression to your business visually.

Learn more about our consultancy services

2. Design & creative

To complement The Graphical Tree's production knowledge and capabilities, our sister company, Bright Leaf, are a vibrant, creative visual merchandising (VM) agency offering window, event and POS display design, manufacture and project management services. Bright Leaf is based in Central London and their extensive knowledge of the visual merchandising market means they are perfectly placed to advise on retail and event design, and this has earned them a glowing and growing reputation.

We also have an in-house artwork studio. So if you have an idea, or even mocked up visuals, but need them knocked into shape, talk to us about how we can help get the designs over the last creative hurdle and ready for production. The collaborative nature of the two businesses means projects flow seamlessly between the creative process and production, for the best possible result for the client.

3. Window graphics

So we've got people to your boutique, the first thing they're likely to see (if it's a stand-alone store) are the windows. Let's create a visual impact.

Let your shopfronts be a window into your world. Window displays are a great way to create an instant impact with customers and show off your products and promotions. There are myriad ways to produce window display props and graphics. We’re here to help advise on the best fit for your design and location. And being situated within the retail heart of London, we like to think we know a few things about window displays and graphics. So whether you’re looking for simple vinyl decals or a full or singing and dancing display including bespoke props, fear not – let’s dive in.

There are potentially many ways to produce a creative and we’re here to help choose the most appropriate for you. There are a few factors we’ll take into consideration – obviously, the design to be produced, but also where it’s going, how long it’s going to be up for if part of it needs to be changed over time (such as pricing), and of course, budget. We’re here to help.

View our window displays

4. Floor graphics

You've done it, the customer is inside, perhaps you greet them with some branded floor graphics, or in this Covid 19 world we're currently living in, some directional signage to walk around the shop in a certain direction.

We're aware that graphics don't just go on walls and windows so we offer a comprehensive range of floor graphics solutions to apply to any surface you may want to cover including non-slip, easy to install linos for events or high adhesive, long-lasting graphics for retail environments.

Safety and durability are paramount for floor graphics. All of our materials are made to stand up to constant footfall no matter where the graphics are installed – shopping centres, pavements, museums, event spaces, or retail stores.

You can use floor graphics for a wide variety of purposes including arrows to guide people to a particular area, as a floor poster-style graphic for an event or a new product, or simply to add to the look and feel of your brand or organisation, whether that is fun-loving, corporate or inspirational (or a combination, of course). For example, how about creating a false floor, maybe an underfoot aquarium or beach scene, or even a snow or rock landscape?

Discover great floor signage

5. Wall graphics

Wall graphics bring spaces to life and can create a great impact, whether it’s a mural for your office, graphics for a retail space, imagery to enhance a restaurant environment, digital wallpaper for a home, or decoration for an event or exhibition. We can produce permanent, temporary, and short-term graphics in several substrates for long-term durability or quick damage-free removal, no matter what your brief.

For flat graphics, there are many mediums including cut vinyl decals, printed self-adhesive vinyl in matte, gloss, and scratch-proof finishes, as well as textured materials like wallpapers. You don't need to stick to a flat format for a wall graphic either, if you have the urge to create a 3-dimensional graphic or environment, great.

Bring your wall to life

6. Point of sale

Often used in retail stores, restaurants, bars, and banks to name just a small few, point of sale (POS) graphics are great for highlighting product promotions and sales offerings. Large or small in size, one-off or full campaign rollouts, we can produce a host of possibilities to advertise your wares, including wall wraps, strut cards, wall and window posters, stretch frame lightbox graphics, cardboard engineering, and much more.

Our vast knowledge of the retail industry means we can guide you when choosing the most appropriate substrates and POS to most effectively use. Removable self-adhesive vinyl, for example, provides a cost-effective way of turning a short-term promotional campaign into a full in-store experience, and a lightbox and graphic is an illuminating way of grabbing customer attention quickly.

Point of sale Christmas displays, much like the high volume Foamex festive prints for EAT foodchain, can bring a store to life at seasonal times. Often a brilliant and clever focal point for customers and draws attention to new or promotional products. As well as bringing in a higher volume of customers to your store.

Let us know your thoughts

If there's something we haven't covered but you think would be of help, or if there's a service you would like to know more about, such as sustainable eco print then just let us know. We have a fountain of knowledge and experience to share with you.

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