An industrial fashion Oasis

by Simon McClelland Morris
Fashion, Window, Vinyl, Retail

If you'd like to cover the front of a building with steel pipes as a piece of visual marketing but it's too costly, then an easier alternative is to apply print and cut vinyl graphics. Here's an example of how cool it can look.

We did just this for Oasis on the exterior of their flagship store on Argyll Street, London last week. The window graphics were printed double sided for inside and outside viewing using optically clear vinyl, and cut to shape. The brickwork graphics are produced using a high tack self adhesive vinyl suitable for exterior stone surfaces. The exterior vinyl is pliable enough that a skilled installer can work the material over and around any edges and characteristics a building may have. It's also tough enough to withstand the elements.

So if you want some metal work, that isn't actually metal work, let us know and we can send round the handymen.