Eco page builder

Minimizing our impact on the environment is a responsibility we should all take seriously. Our commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable printing and graphics is part of this.

Our production technology has been chosen based on its environmental credentials. Most of our printers use water-based ink which give us a great platform to start from. Thankfully more and more eco-friendly printing products are being developed and available all the time. This means the cost to produce environmentally friendly graphics is also getting cheaper. It used to be a prohibitive exercise, but thankfully, as the world wises up to the importance of a more sustainable way of living, possibilities for greener materials and substrates are becoming easier to source and use.

The list below covers some of our practices and sample products to help get you thinking. If you have any questions or a project you would like to discuss with us, get in touch. We’d be happy to make an environmentally happy set of graphics for you.

Also, because of our W1 location, we can often use cycle couriers to deliver local jobs to the myriad of retailers and brands we service in Central London.

Lastly, if there’s a product you’re thinking of which isn’t mentioned please ask us about it. It’s either one we know about and can offer you already, or it’s something we’d like to hear about to develop with our suppliers. This is an ongoing, developing part of the large format and display industry, and one we can all contribute to.