We love our work. And we care about yours. That’s why we strive to deliver results that will make us both proud.
No two jobs are the same, so we’re highly flexible and bring the skills needed for the project in hand.


Despite this digital age we live in, we find that nothing gets a project started on a firmer footing than a simple conversation. We’ll ask about your goals, your ideas, your insights, the logistics, and much more. We see ourselves as creative project managers, so in return, we will offer you our expert opinion to ensure your expectations are exceeded and your budget remains intact. We’ll make suggestions based on tried and tested ideas as well as the newest advances and ideas.


Creative agencies often turn to us for help with creating something standout, pushing the boundaries with new materials and techniques to boost their designs. And we love it. Challenges drive us, and our attitude to fuelling innovation means we have a great relationship with our own suppliers, who keep us up to speed with substrates, printing and installation techniques which we can then put to the test, making us leaders in the field.


Some of the jobs we do are totally unique, some are very standard. Some are exceedingly complicated and intricate, others very simple. Whichever it is, clients return to us again and again for the simple fact that we are reliable, knowledgeable and friendly. We treat all jobs with equal importance, and delivery is key. We're also proud owners of the ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certificates.


Whatever your requirements, we can manage the entire process from consultancy through to design, right up until the final installation. Our aim is to make this as easy as possible for our clients so the end result is even more enjoyable.


We are not set in our ways, nor do we work with totally restrictive protocols. Our processes are flexible and allow for contingency. Our production team will happily visit a site first to ensure we can create the best product. And if need be, we'll work around the clock to make that deadline happen.


As important as output and client satisfaction is to us, we also take environmental responsibility very seriously. In fact, our production technology is chosen based on its impact on the environment. We use water-based HP Latex inks which are odourless and certified by UL Ecologo and UL Greenguard Gold. We also recycle everything we possibly can.


Company Policies


The following is the policy of The Graphical Tree Limited with regards to its place within the environment. The Graphical Tree Limited and its staff operate at all times showing respect and due regard to local and global environmental considerations and issues. The Graphical Tree Limited conducts itself in such a manner so as to ensure that its operation minimises our environmental impact as much as possible. In order to promote our commitment to the continual improvement of our environmental impact, management install an ethic and set objectives aimed at improving our environmental performance. These are reviewed periodically and new objectives set where possible. The Graphical Tree Limited is also committed to the prevention of pollution and complies with all applicable legal, and other requirements, relating to an environmental impact. Employees will observe policies in force at sites visited in the course of their duties. The management and staff are charged with:
1) ensuring that the daily operation of The Graphical Tree Limited does not constitute a nuisance to others.
2) correctly using equipment and facilities provided to ensure the safe and correct handling and disposal of materials and waste products.
3) the economical use of all resources so as to minimise waste and take advantage of recycling schemes of general advantage to the community and the environment as appropriate.
4) the containment and safe disposal and/or recycling of chemicals, liquids, solids and gases in accordance with good operating practices.
5) ensuring staff involved in the assembly and/or handling of products to be used in a food environment maintain the highest standards of personal and operational tidiness, cleanliness and general health and hygiene so as not to introduce a health or safety hazard to the environment.
6) promotion of environmental awareness and general encouragement for staff to raise issues of concern and make recommendations and offer ideas to the management to improve The Graphical Tree Limited's performance.
In addition, field staff will, at all times, observe the environmental policies and instructions issued by competent, recognised authorities when visiting customer sites and premises. If, in the event that such instruction would appear to contradict The Graphical Tree Limited environmental policy, common good sense or create a potential environmental or safety hazard, staff are instructed to refer to his Director or Supervisor for advice before proceeding
Date: 08/03/18; Review Date: 08/03/19


Health & Safety

The Health & Safety at Work etc., Act 1974 and all other subordinate legislation, imposes a statutory duty on employers to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of their employees whilst at work. This duty also extends to others who may be affected by that work. The Graphical Tree Limited are committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements and to any other requirements to which we must subscribe related to our Health and Safety hazards. We shall comply with all applicable legal requirements as we are committed to the continual improvement of our Health & Safety management system and to the prevention of ill health and injury within the workplace.
Employees also have a statutory duty to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. To enable these duties to be carried out, it is The Graphical Tree Limited's will to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that responsibilities for health and safety matters are effectively assigned, accepted and fulfilled at all levels within The Graphical Tree Limited's organisational structure.
1) The Graphical Tree Limited will, so far as is reasonably practicable, ensure that:
- Adequate resources are provided to ensure that proper provision can be made for health and safety. Systems of work are provided and maintained that are safe and without risks to health.
- The place of work is safe and that there is safe access to and egress from the workplace.
- Arrangements for use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances at work are safe and without risks to health.
- All employees are provided with such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to secure their safety and health at work and the safety of others who may be affected by their actions.
- The provision and maintenance of all plant, machinery and equipment is safe and without risk to health.
- Risk assessments are carried out and reviewed periodically.
- Health surveillance is provided where appropriate.
- The working environment of all employees is safe and without risks to health and that adequate provision is made with regard to the facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work.
- Monitoring of work activities is undertaken to help maintain agreed performance standards.
2). It is the duty of all employees at work:
- To take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions and to co-operate with The Graphical Tree Limited with regard to any duty placed on The Graphical Tree Limited to enable the discharge of its duties under the Act and any Regulations and Codes of Practice.
- Not to interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interest of health and safety.
- To understand that non-compliance with either of the points above may lead to disciplinary action.
3) General:
- The Health & Safety Policy will be reviewed periodically, amended and updated as and when necessary. The Policy and any subsequent changes will be promulgated to all employees.
- We will ensure that objectives are set that promote the continual improvement of our health and safety management system that we shall actively work towards. These objectives are to be reviewed periodically by top management and new objectives are to be set once current objectives have been completed.
- The Graphical Tree Limited will provide and maintain effective procedures for consultation and communication with employees and, where appropriate, trade union safety representatives on all matters relating to health, safety and welfare in order to ensure the effectiveness of the Health & Safety Policy.
- The Graphical Tree Limited management will keep the Health & Safety Policy under continual review.
- It is the overall policy of The Graphical Tree Limited to plan, regularly review, develop and progressively improve organisation and arrangements to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, a workplace and working conditions which are safe for all staff and others who may be affected by The Graphical Tree Limited's activities.
- High standards of Health & Safety will be achieved by putting this policy into practice. The fostering of a positive health and safety culture will secure involvement and participation at all levels and will be sustained by effective communications plus the promotion of competence to enable all employees to make a responsible and informed contribution to the health and safety effort.
Date: 01/09/16; Review Date 01/09/17



The hugely important to The Graphical Tree that we produce each job to the highest quality possible. We have a mentality do whatever we have to to get the job done, making sure the finished product is something we’re all proud of. As part of the service offered, and experience shared, our objective is to offer a stress-free, worry-free solution every time. To help us achieve this we can manage the entire process from production through to installation and de-rig.
We recognise that we operate in a competitive marketplace and have implemented an ISO 9001 Quality Management System so that we can offer a high level of consistent professional service to all our clients. The information provided by the ISO processes & procedures helps us set quality objectives which will be periodically reviewed and new objectives set, in order to drive continual improvement in our management system. Our management system is externally certified to meet the requirements of this standard. It is also important in helping us in tendering for new business as well as assisting us with legal and other compliance requirements which are committed to. This quality policy is communicated to all staff and is reviewed annually. A copy of the ISO 9001 policy is available on request.
Date: 08/03/18; Review Date: 08/03/19